Author Chiwosi aims to inspire youths with new book ‘effective Leadership in the dot com generation’

By Natasha Muthethe for Mana

Blessing Chiwosi, the author of book titled effective Leadership in the dot com generation said his new book is for inspiration for the youth to do well in life. In an interview on Thursday in Lilongwe, the founder of the Ambassadors youth organisation, Chiwosi said his aims to inspire and empower the youth and all underprivileged.

“In the first place, the thing that was running in my mind was leadership; this generation is generation of Facebook, internet and web site, so this is our generation Dot com generation.

“So I thought of putting that idea together in this book so that the youth can read and get some information that can uplift their lives for better,” Chiwosi said.

Blessing Chiwosi

He said that that’s why a name the book effective leadership the generation so that should be unique and I look at common word 24sequry generation to Dot .com generation.

“In this book, I am targeting people that want to learn more about readership, youth adult and making sure that they have all those qualities of leadership,” Chiwosi said.

According to widely published Malawian author, William Mpina said the book was good and suitable for those aiming to be good leaders.

“This book is for those who aspire to be good managers, get a copy and prove me wrong, I am telling you will learn one or two things that will make you good manager at any level.

“The concept of leadership continues to evolve as the needs of organizations change. Crucial issues include the knowledge of technology, economic conditions, labour conditions, and social and cultural mores,” he said.

Francis Kachala whom is well established writer and records management consultant said that he read the book and it’s a bible for everyone wishing to establish a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) or wanting to pump life into an already established one.

“Written with zeal and passion, the book takes you through the intricacies of the initiating and running a successful and vibrant NGO. A MUST read, buy one and bear testimony,” he said.

The book was published by Montfort media.


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