The Sad state of Timothy Mtambo hatred– hands off the true son of the soil

By Madando A Malawi

“We will not stop until he is fired as a Minister , we will finish Mtambo” I heard one of them say  

We live in a world  where one cant live without haters . Even those that live a life without purpose still have someone somewhere hating on them for no reason . We call that the nurture of life . Embarrassingly though common  is, the hatred that comes just because someone is successful , either materially or just being better at whatever craft they do . Take that  and throw in the fact that Malawians are well known for the ‘Pull down Syndrome’- that is being specialists at bringing down each other at a little sniff of someone being successful , we find ourselves discussing Timothy Mtambo today. Yes , Timothy Mtambo , the same young man  whose brevity , fearlessness and patriotism towards Malawi and its people  threw his life  on the line to dethrone the most despotic regime to happen in Africa in recent years – that of Mutharika and his DPP cronies.

Madando will always mince no words . As I was talking with my old Aunt , who is retired  and spending  more time in the village , I found myself  reasoning with  her about  our country , where we are coming from and the current state of political affairs. It wasn’t long before we started debating why a young promising politician in Timothy Mtambo is quickly becoming a figure of hate . My Aunt paused  and then said some thing .” You Know my son “ as she fondly calls me “ Timothy Mtambo  did  so much damage to DPP”. She went on to say DPP was a system , a system of thievery of government resources and of nepotistic tendencies. Mtambo to them is someone who closed the taps for them . “ Think of how frustrated these people are – now reality is hitting them  that they are out of government  and that their pockets are becoming dry . They were living in denial  but now they are on the verge of acceptance but before that  they have to be angry and frustrated . Unfortunately , they are aiming their frustration arrows at Mtambo , the man who inflicted so much damage to them .


My aunt quickly moved into discussing the Tonse alliance . “Do you know why its appearing like Timothy is being hated a lot on Facebook ?” She asked .  I said  I wasn’t sure but could testify that there is an increase coordinated campaign to  write bad things about Mtambo on social Media.  My Aunt said , “Make no mistake and open your eyes , the alliance between MCP and UTM  is a strange one , there is no love in it “  She went on to say Mtambo has become a target  of attacks  by UTM social media team ever since he made the decision that him and his CFT Movement would support the MCP candidate   in Karonga central  constituency by election .  “ That by-election was crucial as firstly Frank Mwenifumbo was the favourite and he had decided to stand for UTM , Secondly , it was pivotal as a win for UTM would have given the party momentum for growth “. Mtambo involvement in the campaign tipped the favours to MCP’s Mwalwanda and since that day ,UTM social media team have jumped at every opportunity to tarnish Mtambo’s image

Ever since Mtambo was appointed a Minister, those keen to tarnish his image  have relentlessly launched so many propagandas in order to finish him politically . They went on the internet and download trucks/tankers  and started posting them on social media  claiming they belong to Mtambo They claimed he had bought tankers using government money – this was proved to be a lie. They said he has bought himself big farms – this was proved to be a lie. And just recently , Mtambo’s driver was kidnapped  and his ministerial car hijacked  and damaged . Once again the hating mob  are out claiming  the minister is lying. Malawians , we are a sad nation if we don’t realise how much  of an asset we have in Mtambo . Lets promote and protect those that fought for us and that will always fight for the good of the nation. 


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