HRDC Warns of possible Demos-demands declaration of allowances received by Presidential Taskforce on Covid

The Human Rights Defenders Coalition HRDC addressed the media in Lilongwe on the alleged mismanagement of 6.2 Billion Kwacha funds for the Covid-19 response. The group has made several demands  but has also assured Malawians that  the group is non  partisan but will fight for Malawians with possibilities or starting demos again

Chairperson Gift Trapence has opened the floor with an assurance that the body will continue working independently. ” HRDC is not part of the Tonse government,” said Trapence.

He added that the human rights body will be organising demonstrations as well as vigils targeting public institutions that are not doing well in various aspects.

HRDC Leader Gift Trapense

In a statement read by National Coordinator Luke Tembo, HRDC  has demanded declaration of allowances received by Presidential Taskforce on Covid-19 members and information on procurement of goods and services for the pandemic’s response.

The body alleges that no security patrols in border posts have been conducted in enforcement of Covid-19 preventive measures , yet 150 Million Kwacha was allocated for the task.

HRDC further faults the payouts of allowances to Leader of Opposition Kondwani Nakhumwa saying the money he received could have been used for procurement of Oxygen cylinders.

Chairperson for the body Gift Trapence says reports which were presented to the Presidential Taskforce on Covid-19 need to be made public.

He further said HRDC gave Leader of Opposition in Parliament Kondwani Nakhumwa , ultimatum to return to government allowances he received and that he is now remaining with three days.

HRDC has since warned that it will organise protests should the audit on the alleged mismanagement of the Covid-19 response funds yields no tangible results. Trapence assured Malawians that the issue of 6.2 billion is currently high on the agenda of HRDC. He says the group will fight for Malawians, many of whom have lost relatives to Covd19 when some people were mismanaging funds meant to protect Malawians.


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