Malawi govt to amend law to deal with cyber bullying

Minister of Information Gospel Kadzako said the amended Communications Act would enhance the protection of children from cyber bullying.

A survey report by the Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (Macra) and the National Statistical Office confirms a high proportion of children aged between nine and 17 who are connected to the internet without the knowledge of their parents.

Hon Gospel Kazako

The report raises concern that if the authorities do not provide mechanisms for reporting sexual harassment, children who have access to the internet would be prone to cyber bullying including sexual harassment.

Kazako said that the statistics provide a good ground for the administration to work out ways to resolve the crisis.

However, Kadzako could not say whether the amendment would also involve the state-controlled Malawi Broadcasting Corporation which some people feel should be completely out of state control.

The current Act gives the minister of Information powers over MBC.


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