Activist Kallindo urges Malawians to pray for their country

By Vincent Gunde

Activist Bon Elias Kalindo has urged Malawians particularly the poor to pray for their country claiming that satanic money in circulation is buying church leaders, journalists, opposition Members of Parliament (MPs)and activists for all Malawians to be singing songs of praising President Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera. and his MCP.

Kalindo said buying people with tax payer’s money is an indication that Malawians are being presided by a failed government saying it is not a surprise that corruption has blanketed the whole country, no one is spared with corruption practices including President and his Ministers.


He recalled that the MCP in 2014-2018 passed a law to bar politicians from giving handouts to the citizens to entice the voters vote for them saying today, the same MCP is in the forefront breaking its own law that handouts are the older of the day.

Speaking through an audio clip circulating in various social media platforms, Kalindo has appealed to activists and journalists in the country to refrain from been given satanic money so that in the end will put to sale their mother-Malawi to the highest bidder- MCP led government.

Kalindo said it is sad that people who could have been leading Malawians to the path of light are the ones taking Malawians to darkness under the influence of satanic money enriching themselves while poor citizens are dying of hunger after eating poisonous roots for their survival.

He has advised fellow activists not to be tempted to receive satanic money in a bid to sell their country as fellow activists have done claiming that Malawians of today are enlighten people, they are seeing all this happening before their eyes and one day they will be judged.

The activist has thanked Malawians for their tireless support contributing whatever they have if he is arrested by police for bail and some Malawians buying him a mobile phone saying he even ask himself that what is it he is missing for him to receive money from the MCP out of selling his country to mafias and crooks.

“I will remain to be President of the poor Malawians, I cannot change my allegiance out of receiving MCPs satanic money,” said Kalindo.

Meanwhile, Kalindo has lamented that the signed labour export agreement between Malawi and Israel has resulted to the firing of all agents alleging that the contract has been given to President Chakwera’s son who again has given it to his brother in marriage who stays at Likuni in Lilongwe.

Kalindo has also alleged that the labour export deal is targeting to reduce the population of voters in the Lomwe belt and eastern region districts claiming that youth from these districts will be given free passports to enable them travel to Israel while here at home, their parents will be supported with money.


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