Muvi wa Chilungamo says food crisis need a hunger indaba

By Vincent Gunde

President and Commander in Chief of Muvi wa Chilungamo Revolutionary Party (MRP) Bantu Saunders Jumah, says food crisis in Malawi needs a hunger indaba where all political parties must come together, putting away their political ideologies to serve the population from dying of hunger.

Jumah said for 60 years of independence, Malawians were not supposed to be suffering from hunger, the country has five lakes and good rivers with plenty of water saying by now, Malawi was supposed to be food secure feeding itself and other countries.

He has noted with a grave concern that Malawi is faced with food crisis claiming that people in lower Shire are dying of hunger and crocodile attacks while in Mangochi and Machinga, people are eating grass dried up in the sun as food.

Speaking through his face book page followed by millions of people in Malawi and Africa, Jumah said President Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera is good at speeches while on the ground is a different story that he is not Chakwera Malawians voted on trust in June, 2020 elections.

Jumah said President Chakwera is busy talking about K150,000 Social Cash Transfers, Mega farms and movement while a larger part of Malawians is suffering from hunger wondering why he is failing to procure food to distribute it to hunger-stricken people in the lower Shire valley.

He said church organizations and Prophet Shephered Bushiri are the ones distributing food to hunger-stricken people while government has no food lamenting that this is a government duty to distribute food to the hunger-stricken people.

The MRP President said it is sad that ADMARC is still closed till today but President Chakwera in his speeches says ADMARC is open observing that the country has a leader who lives in Mars not Malawi saying President Chakwera is enjoying his contract of running government while Malawians are eating poisonous roots as food.

“President Chakwera has made no word to those people suffering from hunger and crocodile attacks in the lower Shire valley, probably, he is not aware that people are dying of hunger” said Jumah.

He has pleaded with government to use the people’s taxes to buy food to distribute it to the hunger-stricken people and not to buy petrol for President Chakwera and his Ministers to travel to party development rallies and buying people from opposition parties into his party.


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