President Chakwera receive rare praise from Parliamentarians – the case of Zomba Malosa

By Linda Kwanjana

President Dr Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera has been branded as a man who has vision and focus towards the development of this country.

Independent  Member of Parliament for
Zomba Changalume  Biswick Million said this on Thursday 15th February 2024 when he rose and respond to State of the nation address.

For long time , opposition political parties have been targeting Chakwera blaming him of doing nothing. But yesterday the situation was different.


But Million took to swipe on such people saying there its time people should be able to  give President Lazarus Chakwera more time of fulfilling his promises, saying even Members of Parliament themselves have not yet met the promises they made to constituents during campaign.

“On the onset let me thank the President, Dr. Lazarus Chakwera for accepting the pains which Malawians are facing in his SONA. It takes a man with a bold heart to acclaim when things are not okay, and that’s the first sign that you are ready to face it and deal with it. Acceptance is a key to greater achievements” Said Zomba Changalume legislator in preamble to his contribution to the SONA.

Quoting the scripture from the book of John, Chapter 2:9-10, Million told the House that the country has some characters which just focus on negative things, forgetting good things that someone has done for them.

Million said , there are a lot of good things that can be mentioned, endless lists that have happened to our constituencies through the President of this nation.

“All of us here are elected Members of Parliament and we made promises to our voters in our various constituencies, but if you ask each one of us, we have not yet finished all the promises we made.
We are still asking for more time for things to happen. Why can’t we come with the same mind and motive that we should support the President to make sure that this nation achieves each and every plan which the President has put in, because we have got one Malawi, we have got one nation that we all depend on” said Million

Million urged Malawians to join hands and support such leader for more meaningful developments to take place.

Million has since hailed Government all developments taking place in his area such as  Namadidi, Swaswa, and Mayela schools  built  through EQUALS Project, 38 meters bridge, just to mention afew.

In his conclusion Million made a strong appeal to all well wishing Malawians to come out in their large number to and support President Dr Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera so that he is able to complete all his development plants.

Recently, a Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Parliament from Mwanza , Joyce Chitsulo pledged to support Dr Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera saying she will not meddle into politics but rather development.

She cited developments which have already taken place in her area. Contributing to Sona, Chitsulo hit at Chakwera critics saying they are enemies of development.


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