DPP Discontinues Case Against Individuals Accused of Obstructing President Chakwera’s Motorcade

By Twink Jones Gadama

In a surprising turn of events, the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Masauko Chamkakala, has decided to discontinue a court case involving three individuals who were arrested for allegedly obstructing and pelting stones at President Lazarus Chakwera’s motorcade in Blantyre. The accused, Hector Ndawala, Pearson Chimimba, and Lucy Namba, were facing charges of criminal negligence and endangering the safety of individuals traveling on roads. However, Chamkakala’s decision has resulted in their release from police custody, just hours before a scheduled bail ruling.

Background and Arrest

The incident took place last Friday when President Chakwera’s motorcade was passing through Blantyre’s HHI area. It was alleged that Hector Ndawala, Pearson Chimimba, and Lucy Namba obstructed the motorcade and threw stones at it, posing a risk to the safety of those traveling in the convoy. Subsequently, the three individuals were apprehended by the police and charged with criminal negligence and endangering public safety.

DPP Masauko Chamkakala

Legal Proceedings and DPP’s Decision

The case against Ndawala, Chimimba, and Namba was set to be heard in court, and their bail ruling was scheduled for the following day. However, in a brief interview, the DPP, Masauko Chamkakala, announced his decision to discontinue the case, thereby dismissing all charges against the accused individuals.

While the reasons behind this sudden discontinuation remain undisclosed, speculation suggests that there might have been insufficient evidence or other mitigating factors leading to the DPP’s decision. Such decisions are within the DPP’s mandate as the chief legal officer in Malawi, responsible for initiating and overseeing criminal prosecutions.

Implications and Public Reaction

Chamkakala’s move to discontinue the case has sparked mixed reactions among the public. Supporters of the accused individuals view it as a victory for justice, arguing that there might have been inconsistencies or flaws in the evidence against them. On the other hand, critics express concern about potential political interference or hidden agendas influencing the decision, given the involvement of the President’s motorcade.

The discontinuation of this high-profile case raises questions about the transparency and credibility of the justice system, as people seek clarity on the grounds for dismissing the charges. It is crucial for the DPP’s office to provide a detailed explanation to address any doubts or suspicions that might arise from this abrupt development.


The decision by Director of Public Prosecutions, Masauko Chamkakala, to discontinue the court case against Hector Ndawala, Pearson Chimimba, and Lucy Namba—who were accused of obstructing and pelting stones at President Chakwera’s motorcade—has surprised many. As the legal proceedings come to an unexpected halt, the public awaits further information regarding the reasons behind this turn of events. This incident highlights the importance of transparency and maintaining public trust in the justice system.


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