Kalindo accuses MCP of hiring people insulting

By Vincent Gunde

Political activist Bon Elias Kalindo has accused the MCP led government of wasting money buying some individuals and activists that government going around telling Malawians that Government is not performing well because it has been implementing the policies of the UTM.

Kalindo said it is very shocking to learn that the MCP is busy developing its own policies to be implemented after the 2025 elections describing this as a ply to dump the UTM and Dr. Saulosi Klaus Chilima.


He said there have been the voices of reasons meeting Dr. Saulosi Chilima to leave government for it not to give any excuse but Chilima never listened and today, the MCP is blaming UTM policies for its failure saying this is speaking to itself that politicians cannot be trusted.

Speaking through an audio clip circulating in various social media platforms, Kalindo has reminded the MCP and its members that it is in government today because of Chilima saying without Chilima, no wise person could have voted for the party of death and darkness into government.

Kalindo has observed that Chakwera and Chilima have been together for three years in government claiming that at no time MCP senior members addressed a meeting attacking Chilima’s policies of running government wondering why now the MCP is running a blame game.

He advised MCP members never and ever to listen to failed politicians who do not want to come to the open to accept a defeat that they have failed to run government in the interest of all and that the promised Canaan, was just a campaign tool.
Kalindo expressed his grave concern over failed politicians who until today are using the youth as weapons to fight their political enemies citing one, Dickson Chatanga who was beaten and left half dead by fellow MCP members at Santhe ground in Kasungu on 1st January, 2024.

Kalindo said if there was a party to change from the past to present in democracy was the MCP, but it has men and women who look like good people while bad in their hearts claiming that what happened to Chatanga cannot go without condemnation that MCP is still a party of death and darkness.

He said Malawians have already lost their trust in the MCP and as such no patriotic Malawian will lose time and energy to vote for the party of death to bounce back into government in 2025 claiming that the MCP has brought human pain and sufferings in Malawi.


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