MANEPO says over 25 elderly people killed in Malawi in 2023

By Chisomo Phiri

Malawi Network of Elder Persons Organization (MANEPO) has revealed that over 25 elderly people have been killed in Malawi with rights of over sixty violated in the just ending year,2023.

In an interview with Malawiana Times, Andrew Kavala, Executive Director for MANEPO said there is a need for collaborative efforts to end injustices that aged people face in the country.

“Let us do something to protect the lives of elderly.Often time, the old are accused of being behind misfortunes more especially in rural areas,”he said.

Andrew Kavala

Meanwhile while, First Lady Monica Chakwera
First Lady Madame Monica Chakwera has urged people in the country to support the elderly by taking responsibility of their daily needs.

She made the call at Chikoko Bay State Lodge when she hosted a luncheon for 120 elderly women around Chikoko Bay in Mangochi on Saturday.

Chakwera said the elderly are important people in society, hence the need to support and respect them.

‘‘This is Christmas season, and we are also going for the new year, as such, I thought I should celebrate with the elderly, as I am part and parcel of them.

‘‘Therefore, my advice to the younger generation is that while government is supporting the elderly through a number of programmes such as the Social Cash Transfer (SCT), they should consider the elderly as our assets for wisdom,” she said.

Chakwera emphasized that it is wrong for the community to consider the elderly as witches.

‘‘Let us avoid viewing the elderly as witches. They are just older people that God has blessed with longer life, a thing that we need to celebrate,’’ she said.

Currently 2.7% of the Malawian population is aged over 65 years. Life expectancy has


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