Nankhumwa instructs DPP structures not to accept illegal elections

By Vincent Gunde

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Vice President for the South Dr. Kondwani Nankhumwa, has instructed all DPP structures at the Area, Constituency, District and the regional levels not to accept any plans to hold elections prior to the party’s convention claiming that such elections are illegal and are contravening the party’s constitution.

Nankhumwa has appealed to those leaders that have lost track in the DPP to immediately stop removing or shifting around people in their leadership positions calling upon those that are planning to either remove or shift around people in the party to seriously reconsider such unthinkable and heartless acts arguing that it is bad timing.

NankhumwaDr. Kondwani Nankhumwa -threatens DPP with legal action.

He said those that are orchestrating this chaos are only doing it just to frustrate some DPP members that have openly expressed interest to contest for various positions at the forthcoming party’s convention.

In a statement made available to the media at Luchenza-Thyolo on Tuesday, Nankhumwa has sounded a strong warning that should the party decide to ignore his appeal, he will have no choice but to proceed with legal action against the DPP with the purpose of protecting some of the party’s leaders that are likely to be victimized by such illegal actions.

Nankhumwa has dismissed claims made by the party that it does not currently have the rightful and eligible delegates to attend the party’s forthcoming political or convention claiming that the mandate of such delegates that were elected in 2018 starting from the Area, Constituency, District and regional levels, expired.

He said this has been one of the many reasons the DPP has been giving all this time as an excuse to delay and even to continuously postpone the elective conference reminding all that the DPP held its convention in July, 2018 saying all the leadership positions in the party were filled including the election of Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika as the party’s President.

“Since 2018 these delegates have not held any meeting to discuss the status of their positions in the party and neither have they met to discuss the removal or appointment of anyone into any leadership position, “reads part of Nankhumwa’s statement.

He has claimed that DPP members are just been hearing in the media that the party was planning to remove or shift around some leaders in their positions describing this as wrong and unacceptable saying this will only end up inflicting pain and injustice on the DPP members that have stood with the party in thick and thin, and in turbulent times the party has gone through.

Nankhumwa has observed that DPP members are left with more questions than answers as to where are the people taking charge of the party’s elections getting the mandate from on their plans to remove DPP leaders at the Area, Constituency, District and regional levels?


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