Ben Longwe says November, 2023 unforgettable month

By Vincent Gunde

A human rights activist based in South Africa Charles Ben Longwe, says the month of November, 2023 will be remembered in the country’s history as it has proved that Ministers, Principal Secretaries, Directors are appointed by chance and they don’t know their roles in government.

Ben Longwe said at one time South African Chief Justice resigned after he was told to be backing Government for nonsense meaning that he knew his role and was ready to be fired only for speaking nothing but justice.

He said Leader of Opposition in Parliament stands for the people but he has been proved that he is standing with government wondering the role of Minister of Information in government asking the Minister responsible that does he know his job description?

Speaking through an audio clip circulating in various social media platforms, Ben Longwe has praised Chikosa Mozesi Silungwe, the first Attorney General for being the best and was fired by President Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera because he did not want to back the wrong doer on his back.

Chikosa Silungwe

Longwe said Silungwe could advise President Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera that Malawi cannot do this according to the laws claiming that had it been that he was still Attorney General, no dubious bill would have made its way into Parliament from behind doors.

He said when the President is invited to answer questions in Parliament, questions are given to him 2 0r 3 Weeks in advance for him to get prepared to answer the questions arguing that there is no need to give the President questions, he has to answer straight away.

The activist recalled that at one time President Chakwera was asked on job creation of the much touted one million jobs and in his response, he referred the question to UTM observing that all Parliamentarians including Independent MPs are there to back President Chakwera and his Tonse Alliance government.

“If Silungwe was Attorney General to this day, all the laws could have been implemented as appearing in the Republican Constitution unlike today, party loyalists are above the law,” said Ben Longwe.

He has claimed that from 2020 Malawians are not getting proper information because the Minister of Information is backing President Chakwera forgetting that Chakwera has his Public Relations Officer to speak for him.

The Activist has told Moses Kunkuyu that Malawians are expecting real information and not the Minister telling lies that private companies are the ones facilitating Malawi-Israel labour export deal and government is not involved.

He has advised Kunkuyu to tell President Chakwera the truth that the country has no fertilizer, Malawians are in pain and suffering, and informing him that Malawians are asking the 60 million US Dollars received from Israel what should I tell them as Minister of Information.


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