DPP salutes fallen heroes as Masintha rally is postponed

By Vincent Gunde

The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has thanked, saluted and wishing the war veterans living, good health and long life and the souls of the fallen heroes to rest in peace as the Commonwealth holds Remembrance Day each year in the month of November.

The DPP says the 11th November of each year is the day Malawi citizens remember all those who volunteered, sacrificed, served, fought, and died for the country’s freedom in the First and Second World Wars.


The Party has encouraged all of its members to join their fellow Malawians in commemorating Remembrance Day which is celebrated on Sunday closest to the 11th November, 2023 and to honour this day, the much -anticipated Masintha rally in Lilongwe has been postponed until further notice.

“The much -anticipated Masintha rally in Lilongwe whose Guest of Honour was Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika, has been postponed until further notice,” reads the statement in part signed by its Spokesperson Shadric Namalomba MP.

Former President of the Republic who is also DPP leader Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika sneaked out of the country and is reported to be in China with details of his trip being kept confidential in line with the power of keeping secrecy.

Because of the secrecy surrounding Mutharika’s private trip to China, other publications have reported that Mutharika has fallen sick and he is in China receiving medical treatment saying this has contributed to the postponement of the Masintha rally in Lilongwe.

As this is not enough, some Senior DPP members allegedly sponsored by the MCP, vowed tooth and nail to do all of what they could for the Party not to hold a rally at Masintha in Lilongwe claiming that the rally will take place only if it will be called by the Party’s Secretary General.

Meanwhile, a DPP Youth Governor speaking on a strict condition of anonymity has asked all sponsored by the MCP DPP senior members working tirelessly to see to it that the DPP goes to the 2025 elections without a Presidential candidate, to leave the party in peace and receive their dignity.
The Governor has made it clear that Professor Mutharika is their presidential candidate urging all those that are against his candidature to join the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) as defectors from the DPP claiming that others have already joined in secret and DPP members know them by their names.

“We know you who have joined the MCP in secret by your names, go in peace and leave our party alone, we will not let you continue destroying our mighty DPP,” said the Governor.


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