Kalindo describes Malawi Prisons as deathtrap

By Vincent Gunde

Malawi’s famous political activist Bon Elias Kalindo has described Malawi Prisons as a death trap claiming that the welfare of prisoners is on paper while they are going for days without food.

Kalindo said in the country’s prisons, there are people who have stayed for over 10 years claiming that these people have no access to legal representation and bail and that he would have loved if President Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera, visited them for bail.

He has however, lamented that those who are receiving presidential pardon are friends, relatives related to politicians in government on the account of health deterioration claiming that in prisons, there are the sick and aged and no one can listen to their cries.

Speaking through an audio clip circulating in various social media platforms, Kalindo has pleaded with President Chakwera to have his time off walking on foot to Maula, Chichiri, Zomba Maximum and Mikuyu Prisons on a surprise visit to see the suffering of prisoners.

Kalindo has lamented that instead of President Chakwera see the suffering of Malawians, people surrounding him have advised the President to board a plane flying from Blantyre to Zomba describing this as a waste of taxpayers’ money which could have procured maize flour to the country’s prisons.

He said President Chakwera’s travelling by plane is a deliberate plan not to hear insults and castigations from Malawians that have lost trust in his leadership for promising them the moon that he will create one million jobs including those of IPTE 13, 14, 15 and 16 teachers.

The Activist said Malawi has no leader making citizens happy saying if there are others happy, are those who are family members, friends, relatives and those connected to politicians but to those that are poor and have no names in Malawi, Satan must have walked on foot in Malawi.
He said if the country’s politicians see how worthy their country is, Malawi by today could have been the richest country in Southern Africa as it has all the resources to make itself rich but it has politicians who thinks of themselves for their riches.

“Let President Chakwera see the video clip of Black Missionaries Band in South Africa where Malawians said no to their return to Malawi because of the leadership of Chakwera,” said Kalindo.

He expressed hope that if President Chakwera can be made to see video clips such as people clad in MCP t-shirts and Zitenje praising Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika, Chakwera will come out from silence to start addressing critical issues that have rocked the country.

Meanwhile, Kalindo has sent a message of best wishes to all mothers in Malawi as they are celebrating Mother’s Day with empty stomachs, a pail of maize going at K3,800, skyrocketing prices of essential goods and many other sufferings as slaves in their own country.

Kalindo said gone are the days when on this special day, people could throw away food left overs but today under the MCP led government instead of building ADMARC to buy maize, they have closed it for no maize hence the hunger crisis in Malawi.


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