Businessman Shabir Jussab faces K26m car claim

By Linda Kwanjana

Dust is failing to settle for on the run businessman Mohamed Shabir Salim Jussab as another fresh complaint has been filed at Blantyre Police Station by a complainant who failed to get back his car that went for repair at Jussab’s garage.

The complainant, Shafqat Kasam, is demanding K26 million from Jussab, which he says is a value of his BMW convertible which he claims RR Auto Service, Jussab’s garage in Blantyre, failed to repair it for over two years.

Malawi Police Service placed Jussab on Interpol Red Alert last week after a magistrate court in Blantyre issued a warrant of arrest against him for alleged cyber harassment, and few days later, police disclosed that his former driver at RR Trading firm in Limbe lodged a complaint that he assaulted him after sacking him.

Mohamed Shabir Salim Jussab

It is emerging now that another complaint has been lodged by Kasam, who is claiming that he took his BMW car registration number SK 1 to Jussab’s now closed garage in September 2021, but could not be fixed and he was told of other problems on the car.

Kasam claimed in an interview his car, which he said was a runner and only had a sun roof problem which was not closing or opening, was not repaired until the garage was sold and he later heard that Jussab was on Interpol Red Alert and in Saudi Arabia. He is claiming 26 million from Jussab, which he said is the value of his car.

He said he had been looking for Jussab but he could not trace him.

He told police that Jussab told him he had ordered a spare part but it never materialised.

On the case of the fired driver who told police he was assaulted, the 72-year-old ex-employee, Stainford Kalitsilira, told police his former boss assaulted him and verbally abused him on July 16 2021.

South West Region Police Headquarters spokesperson Beatrice Mikuwa confirmed in a response to a questionnaire of the two fresh cases, adding investigations were underway after two statements were recorded.

According to our findings and an Ethiopian Airlines ticket we have seen, Jussab was due to return to Malawi on August 10 2023, last Friday, but he reportedly cancelled the ticket.

Police, according to the warrant of arrest we have seen on the cyber harassment, alleges that between the month of July and August 2023, in the District of Blantyre, Jussab used his computer system to send out messages threatening to inflict injury to Abdul Karim Batatawala and other members of his family with no purpose of legitimate communication.

Particulars further allege that Jussab, between the same dates, willfully and repeatedly used WhatsApp messages to disturb or attempt to disturb the peace, quietness or right to privacy of Batatawala and his family members.


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