Chakwera meets China VP Rt Hon. Han Zheng; woos financial support to finish projects in Malawi

By Linda Kwanjana

Malawi Leader President Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera, has held an audience with Chinese Vice President Right Honourable Han Zheng, on the sidelines of the 3rd China – Africa Economic and Trade Expo, taking place in Changsha, Hunan Province

During the interface Malawi leader acknowledged and applauded the existing trade ties between Malawi and China, citing the granting of zero-tariff treatment on 98 per cent currently taxable products originating from 10 Least Developed Countries, including Malawi; and the Signing of a Protocol on Phyto-sanitary Requirements for export of soybeans from Malawi to China, as examples of the vast potential for further and more comprehensive trade exploration between the two nations.

Chakwera stressed that the realization of these projects would have immense economic benefits and enhance connectivity for the country, thereby facilitating Malawi’s integration into the African and global market.

President Chakwera added that it was imperative that the Chinese government expedited Malawi’s application for the approval of protocols to export goods such macadamia nuts and dry chilies to China.

Chakwera expressed gratitude for China’s support during climate change emergencies including a donation of 1 million Yuan for Cycline Freddy relief efforts.

Chakwera critically highlighted key developments that would require financial assistance from the Government of China, including the export credit financing (government to government) through SINOSURE, CEXIM and MAIIC; the construction of Lambilambi Dam; the Lilongwe Water Programme and the construction of Lower Fufu Hydro-electric Power Plant.

The bilateral talks which took place at Jiusuo Hotel centered around strengthening diplomatic ties and bolstering Trade as well capitalizing on Foreign Direct Investment.

In attendance during the high level meeting were Hon Sosten Gwengwe, Minister of Finance, Hon. Nancy Tembo, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hon. Sam, Kawale Minister of Agriculture, Ambassador Allan Chintedza as well as representation from the Chinese government.


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