Drama!Kabambe sues APM for firing his campaign managers

By Chisomo Phiri

In a dramatic scene of event, one of the prominent Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) presidential hopefuls Dalitso Kabambe has dragged former Malawi leader and DPP President Arthur Peter Mutharika court for firing his campaign managers.

The three are Ackim Mwanza, Kelvin Chirambo and Joyce Chikukula.


According to a court document 247 Malawi has in possession, APM has been commanded to satisfy Kabambe’s claim within 28 days or in default face the court judgment.

The document reads:” This summons has been issued against you by the above named claimant (s) in respect of the claim set out on the back.

“We command you to within 28 days after the service of this summons on you, inclusive of the day of service, you must satisfy the claim or file with this court a defence and list of documents.

“If you do not intend to contest the proceedings, you must within 14 days after service of this summons on you inclusive of the day of service return the accompanying Response stating therein that you do not intend to contest the proceedings but desire a stay of enforcement of judgment if any?.

“Take notice that if you fail to satisfy the claim or to file a Defence and list of documents or return the Response within the time stated, or if you return the Response without stating an intention to contest the proceedings, the claimant may proceed the claim and judgment may be entered against you without further notice.”

It is with this fact that DPP politics is becoming interesting as convention draws closer.

APM is also said to have fired Charles Mchacha for not endorsing him as 2025 torch bearer of DPP.

He has already made a decision to stand at the convention and he is likely to meet his match.

The Kabambe’s injunction against APM, has been sought at Mzuzu High Court through lawyer George Kaziphatike.


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