Goodall Gondwe fires DPP’s Regional Directors for youth and women over insubordination

The opposition DPP Vice President in the North Goodal Gondwe has worked towards bringing sanity in the party affairs in the North by firing Chikulula and Chirambo for insubordination

Goodal Gondwe has stamped his authority in the North by among others executing changes at party’s level as one way of bringing sanity in the party.

Goodall Gondwe

Gondwe has recommended the firing of Joyce Chikukula and Kelvin Chirambo for insubordination, sources say.

Chikulula was Regional Director of Women while Chirambo was Regional Director of Youth.

The Party has therefore appointed Constance Mwanyongo as new Regional Director for Women while Christopher Mtambo is new Regional Director for Youth.

The letters have been signed by DPP’s Administrative Secretary, Francis Mphepo.


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