Government in the Process of redeeming maize for food security

By Kondanani Chilimunthaka

Malawi Congress Party Director of Strategic Planning, Ken Zikhale Ng’oma has said government is in the process of paying off the maize which was used by DPP government as loan security to country’s two undisclosed banks, and that soon all ADMARC depots will have enough maize for the people.

Speaking at Kazengo school ground on Sunday, 5th March, 2023, Zikhale who is also Minister of Homeland Security wondered why the DPP led government could have chosen maize which all Malawian people depend for food to be a bond, that has left the country in an acute hunger situation.

“Previous government used our maize as a bond to two banks which has put our country on fire due to shortage of maize in our reserves, as the maize still hangs in the possession of these two banks, but I thank President Chakwera that he is not sleeping or resting, sourcing funds to redeem all the maize for Malawians as he has the welfare of the people at heart.

Hon Zikhale addressing the gathering

We are investigating the circumstances surrounding the whole deal that led to the previous government using maize as loan security to two banks. They could have issued buildings, or vehicles as bond, but not maize. Soon Malawians will know what happened and the law will take its course.” Lamented Zikhale while assuring the nation that soon stock of maize will stabilize in all ADMARC depots across the country.

Further Ng’oma warned foreigners living in the country without proper documents and those Malawians helping the foreigners to stay in the country without proper documents or to be carrying out illegal businesses within Malawi, or operating from within Malawi that time is due, and him as Minister of Homeland Security with Malawi Police will soon embark on fetching out them to face the legal action.

Said Zikhale; “We have foreigners here who do come like refugees yet they are not. We have our own people here who are aiding the foreigners to stay or operate businesses with no valid documents within our community. I want to warn them, as a new Minister of Homeland Security, we will clean them out.

I, with the Police will soon embark on *Operation Sesani* which will go everywhere even in the rural community. Once found they will be arrested and appropriate action will be taken.

Some of these foreigners are criminals, some of them are the ones smuggling our maize to other countries using unspecified channels. We can’t keep smiling at the tendency, it is time we act, and I assure Malawians that we will restore peace, we will have maize once for all, as it was during the time of Kamuzu Banda.”

During the rally, Director of Youth in MCP, Richard Chimwendo Banda assured people that President Chakwera has at his heart all Malawians regardless of their regions, citing the appointment of more than five Cabinet Ministers from the North, and abolition of quota system of selecting learners as examples.

“Now they are coming and telling you of introducing federal system of government. People of Mzimba say no to it.” Added Chimwendo while reminding people from the North how DPP led government killed almost 21 people in Mzuzu during peaceful anti-government demonstrations of 2011.”

Chimwendo just like other speakers who included chiefs, MP for Lilongwe South East, Baba Stevie Malondera, Kasungu North parliamentarian, Mike Bango, and host MP for Mzimba Solora, Jacob Hara, who is also Minister of Transport and Public Works, admitted that there is hunger in the country, but he was quick to order all ADMARC depots with stock of Maize to start selling the commodity to consumers immediately, and ensure that no vendor is accessing it.

During the rally at Kazengo ground, Chairman for MCP in the North South region Joseph Chavula took advantage to unveil Tiwonge Chirambo who joined the party on 2nd March, 2023 after dumping Alliance For Democracy where she was serving as National Director for Recruitment.

Several Party officials attended the Kazengo rally including, Second Deputy National Youth Director, Mathias Mgemezulu, Regional Chairman, Joseph Chavula and his deputy, Goodwin Mvula, Director of Women in the region, Martha Chimpozo, Regional Secretary, Dillah Nyimba, Secretary for Women in North South region, Shupe Vinkhumbo, and Clement Manda who is the Regional Director for Youth.

Skeffa Chimoto, Machuluka, and Joe Gwaladi also spiced the rally with their songs.


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