Chakwera urges Least Developed Countries to keep the Doha momentum

By Kondanani Chilimunthaka

President Lazarus Chakwera who is the outgoing chairman of Least Developed Countries (LDCs) has urged member states for the Least Developed Countries to keep the momentum of the world that treat each other as equals rules the day set at Doha in Qatar.

“I believe that in pursuit of that world, the LDCs are setting the pace and must sustain the momentum. When we depart from here, we must together protect the momentum we are building here. We simply cannot afford to lose it. We can not afford to have the momentum of the Doha Programme of Action suffer the same disruptions the Instabul Programme of Action suffered. As such, we must not focus so much on what other nations have that we do not. The greatest progress is always made by those who focus on what they themselves have and how to use it to build something better.” Said Chakwera.

He further told the conference that as LDCs they must focus on the UN Sustainable Development Goals for their development, urging them to work together for accomplishment of the mission the organ has embarked on, with assistance from the development partners.

Said Chakwera; “I am sure that our development partners will respond with the necessary technical and financial support the same way the State of Qatar has done.”

The conference is expected to end on 9th March, 2023.


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