Gibo Pearson and Driemo’s new songs take social media by storm

By Staff Reporter

Malawi’s promising music stars Gibo Pearson and Driemo have released new songs which have become hot topics on social media and are on TikTok and Facebook’s trending list.

Pearson who has just returned from South Africa where went to perform alongside JayJay Cee has released “Atambwali Okhaokha'” while the Ntchisi-based singer has released visuals for his new single titled “Pano”


Pano is the third music video for Driemo after ‘Mojo’ and and his first ever video ‘Compensation’ which hit over a million views on YouTube.

On the other hand ‘Atambwali okhaokha’ has taken the same touch of Gibo Pearson’s breakthrough single ‘Izathera ma Penalty ‘ and it is promising to be yet another most sought-after song in different entertainment joints.

Here is the link for Driemo’s new music video ‘Pano’


Gibo Pearson

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