Rapper ‘Achina Gatta’ shares Christmas with Orphans and Street Kids

By Staff Reporter

Hip-hop artist Achina Gattah real name Mike Mikhaya spent part of his Christmas by spending time with Orphans and Street Kids and having lunch with them at Amaryllis Hotels in Blantyre

Gattah said he decided to do the initiative in order to inspire the children who are less privileged on this very special day.

“This Christmas season should remind us that we have something that we can do or give to inspire others. Let us learn to love one another and celebrate together in times like these.”

Achina Gattah recently collaborated with Nepman in a song ‘Che Musa’ calling for the release of 19-year-old Mussa John who was sent behind bars after being found in possession with Chamba (Cannabis sativa).


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