Fearless Chakwera declares War on Malawi’s corruption empire

By Sylvester Chibwana

President Chakwera has fearlessly challenged the corrupt empire that brutally murdered Njaunju of the Anti-corruption Bureau (ACB) that he is ready to die in order to save Malawi from the evil and corrupt establishment that has ruled Malawi for decades now. Chakwera spoke this during 2022 World Anti-Corruption Day Commemoration in Kasungu.

Chakwera reminded the large audience gathered in the Stadium that seven years ago Malawi’s Corruption empire showed everyone that it is a murderous empire. Chakwera said in 2015, Issa Njaunju, a high ranking official of the Anti-Corruption Bureau was brutally butchered and his body left half-buried behind Presidential Villas not far from Kamuzu Palace. Njaunju’s personal property and his car were left in ashes in Mtandire near the African Bible College road junction.


The grieving President lamented that under the previous administration, nothing was done to solve this crime and no one was held accountable. Chakwera said that now under his administration, the case is finally in court. He said even though the Malawi’s corruption empire is ready to kill to continue stealing from Malawians, he is not afraid to face them head on.

Recently Chakwera has demonstrated this high resolve and readiness to combat corruption by establishing an independent court that will only handle corruption cases involving public officers. Chakwera has also increased funding for the ACB and approved a new law that allows the ACB to prosecute anyone without prior consent from the office of the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) who recently arrested the ACB Director for what many legal experts have described as a blatant abuse of office, inappropriate conduct and wrongful arrest.

Political commentators have described the arrest of Chizuma as a matter of personal vendetta or else the power of the corruption empire inorder to continue protecting one another from possible prosecution.

Other political and legal commentators have described the corrupt political establishment that has ruled Malawi for decades since 1994 as a wide spectrum of a thieving generation that cuts across the political divide from UDF, DPP, PP, UTM, AFORD, MCP, other political parties, the judicial system, Police, the business community and top technocrat Government officials who act as facilitators and mentors on corruption strategies to new political Administrations. These Government officials do not usually move out when new Governments come in. This is the kind of evil empire Chakwera has declared war on.


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