Chakwera describes the appointment of new Judges as a strength to Justice systems

By Kondanani Chilimunthaka

President Lazarus Chakwera has said the appointment of the newly sworn-in four High Court Judges is one way of strengthening the Justice systems institutions in the county, so that there is trust by the public in the systems whenever there is violation of rights.

Citing an incident that took place last week in Mzimba where two elderly women were assaulted by a mob for being accused of causing someone’s death by witchcraft, President Chakwera said the need for citizens to have justice made them to wrongly take the law into their own hands that ended up in injuring the two vulnerable and defenceless women in the process.

“Mob justice is a crime, and anyone who takes the law into their own hands will find themselves in the hands of the law”, warned Chakwera during his speech at Kamuzu Palace where the swearing-in ceremony was held on Wednesday, December 8,2022.

He then urged the four judges who have been sworn-in as High Court Judges today to remember that the opportunity is in their hands to satisfy the cry of the citizens by strengthening the justice systems institutions to the point that the public can trust that if anyone violates the rights of another, justice will be done swiftly, fairly, and transparently.

“It is in your hands to give citizens who cry for justice, the confidence that their search for equity is not in vain. It is in your hands to give citizens who cry for justice, the confidence that to stand in your court is to stand in presence of God himself where righteousness and justice are executed swiftly, fairly, and transparently. “Said President Chakwera while wishing the four judges the success as they start serving the great nation of Malawi in their current capacity.

The newly appointed four High Court Judges whose appointment is effect October 24,2022 are Justices Howard Pemba, Eddah Ngwira, Etnes Chanza, and Allan Muhome.


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