Government Reaffirms Committment to Freedom of Worship

By Staff Reporter

Government has reassured the Hindu Community of its unfaltering commitment towards freedom of worship, peaceful coexistence and economic freedom. The Hindu Community were on Saturday celebrating the 50th anniversary of their Hindu Temple in Area 2,  Lilongwe Malawi

Speaking on behalf of Government, the Minister for National Unity Hon Timothy Pagonachi Mtambo said the Malawi Government through his Ministry is committed to upholding peace and national unity which are a prerequisite and catalyst for sustainable development. “This is inline with Chakwera’s vision as enshrined in the Mw2063,” said Mtambo. The Hindu community leadership also took turn to thank the President Chakwera for sending his top Government officials to the Temple Anniversary. “This is sign enough of the level of respect, accommodation and value for the Indian culture/community and Hindu religion in particular that this Government has,” they said.

Timothy Mtambo

The Hindu Community on Saturday were celebrating the 50th anniversary of their Hindu Temple in Area 2, Lilongwe Malawi. Hon Timothy Mtambo representing the Ministry for National Unity was among the top most decorated Government officials invited to the anniversary. Other important dignitaries were the Minister for Natural Resources who is also MCP’s Secretary Genera Hon Mkaka, the Deputy Inspector General of Police Mkandawire, and several other top Government officials.

Mtambo took this opportunity to thank the Hindu community for participating in the National Day of Unity and Dialogue celebrations by bringing their cultural and religious displays such as dances and music. This event occurred on 14Oct at BICC Square. He further said the State President directed during the Tumbuka Heritage festivals recently that from next year 2023 all the diverse Malawian religions, ethnicities, tribes, and political parties will celebrate together on a single day called the ‘National Day of Unity” organized by the Ministry of National Unity. This he said will further promote national identity, social cohesion, tolerance and peaceful coexistence.

Hon Mkaka

The Minister was also quick to recognise that Malawians of Hindu religion have contributed a lot to this Country’s development since pre state era where Malawi first traded with India and other Asian countries. On behalf of Government, Mtambo thanked the Hindu community for their contributions to the economy, culture, religion, education, infrastructure development and many others.

Representing the Malawi Congress Party (MCP), Hon Mkaka reminded the gathering that it was the first President, founder and father of the Malawi nation, Dr. Hastings Kamuzu Banda who first, recognizing the significance of the existence of the Hindu community in Malawi, gave land for the community to build their Temple. Mkaka further said that this is the reason the current President, Dr. Lazarus Chakwera is committed to continuing on the same trajectory of respect for each religion, freedom of worship and peaceful coexistence.

Mkaka went further to dispel the false rumours he said have been circulating alleging that the Chakwera adminstration is not happy with the Indian community. He said such rumours are a propaganda by Government’s enemies who wish to plant hate and suspicion in order to derail the fast and good progress Chakwera and his adminstration are making every day. He thus assured the Hindu Temple congregation that the Malawi Government and Malawi Congress Party have had a long time cordial relationship with the Indian community, in particular with the Hindu community in Malawi.

Both Mtambo and Mkaka thus reiterated that this cordial relationship between Malawi Government, the people of Malawi and the Hindu community will continue as it is vital for achieving the Mw2063 development agenda which aims at creating individual wealth among all the citizenry regardless of ethnicity, tribe, religion or political affiliation.


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