Chief Justice commits Judiciary fairness in delivering Justice

By Staff Reporter

Chief Justice Rizine Mzikamanda says the Judiciary is committed to fairness in delivering justice for every Malawian regardless of their status.

In an interview yesterday after receiving a Malawi 2063 (MW2063) Champions Certificate from the National Planning Commission (NPC) at the High Court of Malawi in Blantyre, Mzikamanda said every Malawian is equal before the law; hence, there will be no favouritism in delivering justice

He said the recognition by the NPC gives the Judiciary motivation to serve Malawians even much better as it vindicates the good job it has been doing.

Chief Justice Rizine Mzikamanda

Chief Justice Rizine Mzikamanda and NPC Thomas Munthali

The Chief Justice: “It has been stated that the recognition is because of the role we are playing as Judiciary in the area of enforcing the rule of law. That is a vindication of what we do and this gives us impetus to do better and to do more in order to serve the people of this country.
“Even as we journey together towards 2063, we may not all get there, but we can prepare the place for a better tomorrow.”
He also said in that regard, everyone must find justice in the country’s courts in accordance with the law. As such, those who will seek justice in the country’s courts must be confident that they will be served well.

The Chief Justice said the country cannot have social and economic justice and meaningful investment in the absence of justice according to law. In such regard, he said the Judiciary is determined to serve Malawians in the best manner it can.
“And, therefore, we believe that in doing justice for all we are also contributing significantly to the vision that all Malawians have put together for 2063,” said. Mzikamanda.

In a separate interview, NPC director general Thomas Munthali said they decided to present the champions certificate to the Chief Justice on the premise that the Judiciary is one of the fundamental players in the realisation of MW2063.

He said: “In the Malawi 2063 the rule of law is very critical for the reason that one of the key enablers is effective governance institutions and the Judiciary is a key player in that sense.”
Munthali further said the NPC also decided to honour the Chief Justice based on how he continues to perform through capacitating the Judiciary in its quest to serve the citizenry.
Last week, NPC also presented a certificate to former president Dr Hastings Kamuzu Banda posthumously for efforts he portrayed in the development of the country.

MW2063 is Malawi’s long-term development blueprint which is built on pillars of agriculture and commercialisation, industrialisation and urbanisation and science and technology. Its primary objective is to make Malawi an inclusively wealthy and self-reliant nation by 2063.


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