Climate Change Minister Mkaka hopes for concrete actions from COP27

Reported by Nellie Kapatuka,Mana
Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Elsenhower Mkaka, says the 27th session Conference of Parties to the United Nations Climate Convention meeting in Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt is a chance for countries to move towards implementation of pledges made from previous COP meetings.
In an interview, Mkaka said developed countries who are the main contributors of climate change are failing to meet global and national climate commitments.
He said it is sad that most African countries, including Malawi, are heavily affected by the adverse effects of climate change despite being the least contributors.
“This meeting which we are calling the African COP, the emphasis is on implementation because we have been having a lot of pledges coming from previous COP’s but it is time we realize those promises because it does not make sense to continue getting pledges without seeing any actions taking place,” he said.
President Chakwera who is expected to officially address the global gathering on Tuesday, has since started his COP27 engagements with stakeholders.
The president, among others, held talks with a multi-national energy company, Elsewedy Electric, on possible investment in Malawi’s solar energy sector, targeting 100 megawatts each year for the next five years.
COP27 will among other things focus on mitigation, adaptation, finance and collaboration among players who are fighting the climate change battle.

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