Political leaders should listen men of God- Prophet Zebron

By Staff Writer

Prophet Frank Zebron has urged Political leaders in the country to pay an active ear to men of God and take advise from them if they are to develop, deliver and discharge their duties effectively.

Speaking in an interview with this Publication, Zebron said, Malawi can do better in the development agenda if the leaders are able to listen to men of God for the right advices that can help the country to reach great heights of development.

He went on to say that, Malawi has capacity to manufacture solar cars if graduating students have access to high technological equipments that have possibility to provide conducive environment for them to improve technological innovations of the country.

Prophet Frank Zebron

” Am appealing to our leaders that they should pay much attention in creating much technological job industry of these newly graduated students from various Universities.

I see great potential in them and a change for good if government puts much effort in acquiring high technological equipment from rich countries who often grabs our resources for nothing” He attributed.

Prophet Zebron said, leaders should emulate what their fellow counterparts such as Zambia, Botswana and Tanzania are doing in terms of improving technological development by buying heavy industrial machinery to manufacture goods such as cars, so that the country can start manufacturer goods locally.

” We have several graduating Engineering students who are capable of doing wonders in the country, but their potential is failing to manifest due to lack of resources that could be available if the corruption was not a centre of the story’ worried Zebron.


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