Jungle Jex drops a new love song” Ndakumananaye”

By Chisomo Phiri

After a long time of silence, Reggae Dancehall artist Ezra Williams popularly known by his stage name Jungle Jex has dropped a new love song titled Ndakumananaye.

The new song was released on January 8,2022 inside born and bred Malawi program on Raio 2 FM.

In an interview, the Fame hit maker said Ndakumanaye is a song dedicated to someone who was desperate to find true love and finally met the soul mate of his life.

” This is a love song that dedicates to someone who was desperate to find true love and finally meets his soulmate. The main message in the song is to encourage those who are not finding their trusted partners not to give up as time will come when they will meet their soulmates. It is a good song full of lessons,” said Jex.

He said the song is just a beginning of what what all good he has prepared his for fans this year.

” I have more good songs to drop this year. This is just just a beginning of my projects. My fans should expect more good music from me this year. I have come to break the silence that has been there for some time,” he said.

Jungle Jex

He revealed a secret that if the one wants to trend most in music has to work hard and put much effort on every song to be released and involve more collaborations as music needs pushing and supporting one another.

“In music, don’t work alone. Find others who can help you to trend quickly. Do more collaborations. Music needs pushing and supporting one another and that is how we grow,” he said.

Commenting on how music industry is performing in in Malawi , Jex said at least now Malawian music has gone on another level as the artists are able to sell their songs both at international and national level. He said there is now an appreciation and support from the fans, a thing that encourags the artists to work extra hard towards their music projects.

He urged the government to continue supporting and investing more in music promotion saying this is a precious talent that needs to be appreciated and supported.

” Music is a precious talent that needs to be appreciated and supported, therefore, we urge the government to continue supporting and promoting music growth. Music contributes a lot towards social-economic growth of Malawi hence a need to be supported,” said Jex.

Since started his serious music journey in 2013,Jex has released several Reggae dancehall hits namely fame, adamukana, Potential, as a friend, Mantha, oposawako and wakugulu, just to mention a few.

He has collaborated with several most Malawian celebrated artists such as Blaze, Catellia,Mimi, Wikise, Royview and Prosper.

Ndakumananaye was produced by TKmore and Drebeats


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