Sport Minister Msungama cautions Construction company over work delays

By Durrell Namasani

Youth and Sports Minister, Ulemu Msungama, has Cautioned a construction company tasked with constructing a youth centre for work delays . Mangalasi Construction Company which is constructing the Neno Integrated Youth Centre under the Jobs for Youth has come under fire as works on the site is behind schedule and will not meet the June deadline.

Sport Minister Ulemu Msungama with Youth Centre constructors

Msungama who was touring the construction site on Thursday afternoon said there is a need for contractors undertaking government projects to furnish government will real information saying tendency of pleasing is compromising government projects.

On his part, contractor for the site, David Chimphoyo, says Neno road condition and rains posed a challenge in delivering materials to the site hence being behind schedule but optimistic they will complete by end June per contract agreement.


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