Malawi registers 121 Road Accidents over Easter with 16 people dead.

By Staff Reporter

Malawi Police say 16 people have been killed in 121 road accidents across the country over the Easter period..Deputy National Police Spokesperson Peter Kalaya said the road accidents occurred due to failure by road users to observe road traffic rules and regulations.

He also  attributed the accidents to reckless driving, citing drivers’ impatience on the road, over speeding and drunk-driving.Kalaya said in the just ended Easter period, the country has registered 121 road accidents, an increase of 56  road accidents from last year’s sixty five road accidents.

Accident on Malawi Roads: File photo

The country has in recent years seen an increase in road accidents, particularly during holidays, despite police’s commitment to step up efforts in ensuring adherence to road rules and regulations to reduce the risk of accidents.

A road traffic trainer and consultant Harvey Mjojo attributed the rise in road accidents to increased vehicle population and lack of public information on road safety.

Mjojo further said the proliferation of automatic vehicles is contributing to road accidents as most people drive such vehicles without going through proper training.

He cautioned motorists to be disciplined on the road traffic, and also urged traffic police to intensify traffic patrols and government to invest more in speed traps.


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