Joyce Banda Peoples Party(PP) collapse as Zomba Changalume seat is lost

By Joseph Wina

It is a hard day for once ruling party Peoples Party ( PP) of the former President Dr Joyce Banda as it has seen its numbers in parliament go down. The party has just lost Zomba Changalume, to an independent candidate

This is a big blow to the party whose support across the country continues to plummet. What is even worrying is that its candidate Lawrence Bisika was nowhere close to winning .Bisika is not a newbie having contested for MP in this constituency in 2004 before switching to Zomba Central in 2009 and he was back to Zomba Changalume seeking a ticket to the National Assembly.

Final unofficial results in the Zomba Changalume Parliamentary by-elections puts independent candidate Bizwick Million in the lead with 4,280 votes.

Peoples Party Lawrence Bisika campaigning in Zomba Changalume

He is seconded by UTM’s Jean Cheonga Chilemba with 2,651 votes while Mahomed Haniff Osman independent scooped 2,493.Mary Matiya Muheya of DPP has managed 2,207 votes while Yusuf Noor Bamusi of UDF has amassed 451 votes. 108 votes have gone to Henry Marko Kaseama independent and Lawrence Bisika of PP has polled 748 votes. Down the list is independent candidate Anne Mary Fletcher with 52 votes.

The people of Zomba Changalume were voting for a member of Parliament following the death of former legislator John Chikalimba.

Bizwick Million

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