Is this the end of DPP? party loses by election seats , Kasaira and Mcheka gone

By Staff Reporter

Main opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has a dismal performance` in by-elections Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) conducted on Tuesday in seven constituencies and two wards failing to return three seats and managed only to win elections in Balaka Liviridzi ward.

Unofficial results for Nsanje Central Constituency has favoured Kafandikhale Mandevana of Malawi Congress Party (MCP) with 8,230 votes, trouncing Francis Kasaila, a former cabinet minister in the DPP administration, who got 6,648 votes. Nzeru Mybeck of UTM got 331 votes while Esmy Bande of Depeco finished with 72 votes.

The constituency, was first won by Kasaila during the 2019 tripartite elections but Mandevana challenged the results through the Court after MEC declared the former as a winner, citing a plethora of irregularities. This prompted the Court to order MEC to conduct another election within 60 days. Court also ordered MEC to conduct the by-elections in Nsanje North and Chikwawa East due to similar reasons. At least, 24,262 people were registered to cast their votes but only 15,422 went to exercise their voting right.

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In Nsanje North Constituency,  Esther Mcheka Chilenje (DPP) has also been defeated by Enock Chizuzu of MCP and Sam Khumbanyiwa of United Democratic Front (UDF) has failed to reclaim Chikwawa East Constituency.

DPP has also failed to return Karonga Northwest as unofficial results for show that UTM Party candidate Felix Katwaff Kaira has won with 9, 537 votes. MCP’s Daniel Mwanyongo Chitonya came second with 9, 207 votes. Out of the 53, 000 registered voters, only 25, 689 voters turned up to cast their votes representing about 49.9 percent with 136 votes declared null and void.

In Zomba Changalume, People’s Party (PP) has failed to return the seat which has gone to an independent candidate. MCP has also won seats in Ntchisi North West and Lilongwe Msinja South.

But DPP has only managed to win back Liviridzi ward in Balaka West with its candidate  Lucius Elia elected councillor in the election which was marred by voter apathy.

With only 6,220 casted votes out of the initial 24,160 registered voters, Elia amassed 2,191 votes beating UTM party candidate Richard Koloko Alli who got 1,618 votes. UDF candidate Stande Nguyeje who once served as a councillor for the  area came out third during the by-elections.

Pollster,  MEC is expected to announce official results of the by-elections on Thursday  1 April ,2021.


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