Professor Lumumba Requests to Meet Chakwera, Leader of the New Africa

Reported by Yongo Wa Yongo

Renown Pan Africanist Professor Patrick Loch Otieno Lumumba has revealed that he has sent a request seeking an audience with Malawi president Dr Lazarus Chakwera. This comes at the back of President Chakwera eulogy at President Magufuli funeral in Tanzania , a speech that has touched alot of people and win admiration of most pan africanists.

Speaking on Pan-African TV Wednesday night, Prof PLO Lumumba has hailed President Dr Lazarus Chakwera and called his eulogy of John Pombe Joseph Magufuli “the most powerful tribute ever made to an African leader.”“It was the most powerful, in my view the most touching ever made. It is a funeral oration which history must record as one the most greatest funeral orations of all time,” elaborated the celebrated Pan-Africanist.

PLO Lumumba meeting the late President Magufuli

PLO Lumumba says he has henceforth requested a meeting with President Chakwera.“My intention if he accepts my request, is to ask the Malawi president to be in the forefront of the leadership of a new Africa.”“Africa needs something new. I am not discounting the other great African leaders that did not attend the funeral.

But Chakwera touched something that nobody touched.”“Everyone else was perfunctory and am being unfair to them for they had prepared speeches, but Chakwera spoke from his heart.”“Whether you like Chakwera or not, go and listen to him again, read him again, he captured the essence of the Magufuli that I met. The Magufuli that I know. The Magufuli who loved Africa. The Magufuli that thought that within the inner recesses of the African heart and mind, there is gold and silver which only is waiting to be unleashed. “When I said in 2014 that Africa needs to be magulified, I have been vindicated by Chakwera,” he concluded.

Malawi state house is yet to respond to the request


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