Ended in tears for Comedy couple Nyauyu and Zambia’s Ken Dumbo

By Durrell Namasani

Comedy fans  who follow Malawian comedian Felistus ‘Nyauyu’ Ngwira and Zambian Ken Dumbo today learnt with shock  that what appeared like a fairtale romance story was just joke aimed at getting public attention for the two comedians. The revelations were made by Dumbo himself when he addressed his fans on his facebook page.

This resulted in an angry reaction from  fans who think the duo had taken their joke too far and were playing with people’s emotions. To make matters worse , the revelation were made  at a time when Nyauyu is in Zambia  visiting Dumbo . This has led to some conspiracy theorists to suggest that  the affair was real but that the meeting between the two  has highlighted  that the two cant be together

‘Nyauyu’ Ngwira got engaged to Ken Dumbo after he drove into the Malawi  from Lusaka to surprise Nyauyu on Valentine’s day with a ring. Nyauyu is on record as telling the media that what was going on was trueand not a gimmick.

Ken Dumbo and Nyauyu

Writing on his facebook at the end of Nyauyu visit to Zambia, Dmbo wrote  “With that said, I know the last thing you all would love to know is ” Was t real or fake” The realtionship, The engangement , well! as entertainers, ours is to provide Entertainment to our followers and so we can only say sorry to those that invested emotions in this whole episodes of ” KEEPING UP WITH THE NYA DUMBO’S” it was purely as it was.. ENTERTAINMENT for your eyes as we continue battling with covid-19”

 What followed was the outpouring of different reactions from the fans with many feeling betrayed by the twoTomorrow morning have a press briefing to apologise to the people of Zambia and Malawi for the damages you have done to us– said one angry fan.

Another one  has some strong words for Dumbo  and his career  “If Truly the news of your relationship/ engagement is Fake , then we will also take you as Fake comedian . Stop playing with people’s feelings. You said comedy was meant to reduce stress but why are you adding the stress to individuals who are wishing you good ,On this one I won’t forgive you till you fulfill what you started because you will definitely loss alot fans  also indirect your business”.

Malawian comedian Tannah broke English chipped in saying “Thanks for hosting our Girl my brother and your whole team. We are stronger together You kept a lot of us in suspense and I wish the episode could go on longer. But it was a nice move and enjoyed following it. Imagine I even started writing good English because of it. Eat hers ended in Tea Yes of Joy”

One fan  said  she was convinced Nyauyu had fallen in love “ But something in me is telling me that Nyauyu started catching feelings on Ken I don’t how you see it people? That birthday message was never comedy man!. And how she held Ken on the ka good byee video aaa.. Nyauyu was in for it but chabe uyu Kennedy ine ninaziwa”

Nyauyu has not yet commented on the recent developments


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