‘I will be DPP President’ Nankhumwa finally declares interest to contest

Critics describe him as desperate

The leader of opposition in parliament and estranged Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) vice-president for the South Kondwani Nankhumwa has finally let the cat out by declaring that he will contest for the DPP Presidency. He made the declaration on Friday, March 12, at Chitakale Trading Centre in his native Mulanje district.

He was leading a team of DPP parliamentarians, councillors and executive members in canvassing for votes in favour of DPP ward councillor candidate for Chitakale Ward ahead of by-elections slated for March 30, 2021. The ward fell vacant following the death of a serving councillor, who was also DPP. The DPP candidate is 42-year-old businessman, Richard Mulingano.It was a whistle-stop tour, which took Nankhumwa and his team to two more places – Likole and Chanunkha Primary School Grounds.

“Let it sink in all Doubting Thomases that I, Kondwani Nankhumwa, has finally decided to give the DPP presidency a go” declared Nankhumwa amidst uluation and huge hand claps from the DPP supporters that attended the meeting .

“Today is a special day for me because apart from campaigning for our very strong candidate, I also have the pleasure to announce to Malawians, the DPP family, and the entire world that I will be contesting as DPP president at the forthcoming national convention,”

“That’s not all; I also wish to announce, without any doubt, that I shall win and become the next DPP president and, subsequently, take the party back to power in 2025. Let it sink in all Doubting Thomases that I, Kondwani Nankhumwa, have finally decided to give the DPP presidency a go,” said the soft-spoken 41-year old politician.

I will win the DPP Presidency” Nankhumwa

DPP goes to national convention in 2023 to elect new executives, including the party president to replace the retiring Peter Mutharika.

Naknkhumwa thanked the people of Mulanje for solidly remaining behind the DPP and its leader Mutharika as evidenced by their overwhelming votes cast during the 2019 elections and the 2020 fresh presidential election.

At all the venues, the Mulanje central parliamentarian also took a swipe at the Tonse Government, claiming it had failed to fulfil its campaign promises.

“They promised Malawians three meals a day; 1 million jobs; free electricity and water connection, among others. None of these have been achieved months later. This is the reason that come 2025, the DPP will return to power as it has a proven track record of tangible social and economic development achieved during its reign,” said Nankhumwa.

Part of the crowd that came to hear Nakhumwa

Some politics commentators have criticized Nankhumwa approach claiming it is coming across as someone who is so desperate to be a leader. ” Lets be honest , Nakhumwa ia a great guy and he can be a likeable leader but he has acted desperate from day one in trying to snatch power in the party” Many have said Nankhumwa’s positions projects a likely split of the DPP party if either Nankhumwa loses or if he is not allowed to contest. Current DPP spokesman Brown Mpinganjira has said everyone will be free to contest when the party call for convention.


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