Mwawi stuck in South Africa

Celebrated netballer Mwawi Kumwenda is stuck in South Africa due to the delayed reopening of airports at her Melbourne base in Australia.

The gangly Melbourne Vixens shooter flew out to Johannesburg on Monday en route to Australia only to learn that the reopening of airports in Melbourne had been delayed.

The Malawi Queens star said:  “I was excited to go back to Melbourne, but now I am stuck in South Africa because Melbourne airports are still on lockdown.

“I am hoping to find a flight next weekend. It was a sudden change as after landing from Malawi that’s when I was informed that the Dubai-Australia via Johannesburg flight is cancelled.”

However, Kumwenda said her team has booked her a hotel in Johannesburg as she awaits a connecting flight to Melbourne.

“I will be having workouts at the hotel gym to try and keep fit.

“This pandemic has caused inconveniences and hopefully it will be contained,” she said.

Meanwhile, Melbourne Vixens coach Simone McKinnis was quoted by Australia newspaper The Sydney Morning Herald; as having said: “While we are desperate to have Mwawi join the squad the as soon as possible, we understand her situation and we will provide all the necessary support”.

The 31-year-old faces a race against time to join her team for pre-season training.

The 2021 netball season in Australia is slated to throw-off in May.

Kumwenda helped her team win the 2020 Super Netball Championship.


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