The DPP Leader of Opposition Navicha – Calls Tonse “The Government of Trial and Error”

By Robert Mukhori

In an emotionally charged parliamentary session today, the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) robustly countered the State of the Nation Address (SONA) delivered by Lazarus Chakwera. It was more Lies of the Nation Address, than a State of the Nation Address.

Under the solid leadership of the Leader of Opposition, Hon. Navicha (the Iron Lady), and the Chief Whip, Hon. Chaponda, the DPP dissected and demolished the SONA, exposing what Chaponda calls a “Trial and Error government” of Lazarus.

Navicha responding to SONA

The DPP’s critique was not just a rebuttal but a comprehensive deconstruction of Chakwera’s address, highlighting the four years of failure and oversights in the government’s current policies and future plans. Hon. Navicha eloquently argued that the SONA lacked substantive solutions to the pressing issues facing Malawians, including economic instability, healthcare, hunger, poverty, and many others.

Hon. Chaponda, on the other hand, focused on the MCP’s governance, especially Chakwera’s lies suggesting that the policies outlined in the SONA were out of touch with the realities of the common Malawian. He pointed out discrepancies in the government’s address about agriculture, infrastructure, and foreign policy, emphasising the need for practical and immediate solutions over false grandiose and unfulfilled promises.

The DPP’s response was not merely critical but also constructive, reminding Malawians of the alternative strategies by the DPP to address the nation’s challenges. This approach showcased the DPP’s power of engaging in meaningful dialogue and its commitment to the welfare of Malawi’s citizens.

Today’s parliamentary debate was a clear demonstration of the vibrant democratic process at work in Malawi, despite the parliament having a weak and incompetent Speaker like Gotani Hara. The DPP’s articulate and well-founded critique of the SONA highlights the essential role of opposition in ensuring accountability and fostering a diversified discourse on national development. For almost four years, the court injunction robbed Malawians of that.

Critically, it was interesting to see how the out-of-substance MCP MPs responded to the issues raised by the DPP. They were shouting and howling, with no content based response, except to say that “we love Chakwera”, “we support Chakwera” and complaining about how Chaponda was standing. The dialogue initiated in parliament today is a crucial step towards addressing Malawi’s challenges and working towards the nation’s progress.

The DPP is on a class of its own, especially its eloquent and sharp MPs. This is the government that Malawi is waiting for in 2025. Today’s parliament sessions reminded Malawians why the DPP is called “a system”.


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