Time Humbles! Mukhito eyes DPP Secretary General Position

By Robert Mukhori

On January 18th, 2017, His Excellency Professor Arthur Mutharika, the President of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), appointed Hon. Grezelder Geoffrey, a then-parliamentarian, as the party’s Secretary-General. This appointment followed the appointment of Hon. Francis Mphepo to the position of the party’s Administrative Secretary replacing the dismissed Dr. Clement Mwale.

In the 2018 Democratic Progressive Party’s elective conference, Dr. Clement Mwale contested the position of Secretary-General against the appointed Hon. Grezelder Geoffrey.

In 2024, His Excellency Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika appointed Dr. Clement Mwale as the party’s Secretary-General, succeeding Hon. Grezelder Geoffrey, who assumed the role of Vice President for the Central Region, filling the vacant position.

The Democratic Progressive Party is approaching its elective conference this year in preparation for the upcoming general elections in 2025. Numerous new contenders, including Peter Mukhito, a former Guard Commander, Inspector General of Police, and Chief of Staff to President Arthur Peter Mutharika, have expressed interest. Mukhito is vying for the position of Secretary-General, causing unease within Dr. Mwale’s camp.

Efforts to thwart Mr. Mukhito’s candidacy includes claims that the position is exclusively contestable by Central Region members, a notion torn to pieces by Mukhito’s DPP registration in 2017 under Lilongwe Urban. Additionally, concerns about education credentials have been raised, despite Peter Mukhito holding an MBA from Chichester University, UK.

Dr. Mwale’s camp has further alleged that Mr. Mukhito is forming a group to oppose the party’s leadership. In response, it is pertinent to recall Dr. Mwale’s own challenge against Hon. Grezelder Geoffrey in 2018 and question whether it was motivated by a desire to oppose the party’s president.

This raises concerns about the authenticity of Dr. Mwale’s qualifications and his leadership capabilities in organizing a campaign team. A genuine PhD holder, as Dr. Mwale claims to be, should understand that all positions are contestable at the forthcoming elective conference, reflecting the democratic rights of every DPP member.

The Democratic Progressive Party faces scrutiny, with convention delegates expressing dissatisfaction with under-performing leaders. The upcoming elective conference offers an opportunity to replace ineffective leadership, fostering a renewed commitment to supporting the president. This endeavor aims to inspire hope among all Malawians, signaling the Mighty DPP’s preparedness to govern in 2025.



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