Unveiling the shadows:President Chakwera’s troubled reign under the spotlight

By Twink Jones Gadama

Malawi’s President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera, who rose to power with promises of transparency and accountability, now finds himself entangled in a web of unanswered questions that demand explanations.

As he prepares to campaign for re-election, the public yearns for clarity on several controversial issues surrounding his administration.

From the mismanagement of Covid funds to allegations of nepotism and corruption, this feature aims to shed light on these pressing concerns and explore the impact they have had on the nation.

The Missing Covid Funds

One of the burning questions haunting President Chakwera’s leadership revolves around the whereabouts of sizable Covid funds, amounting to almost MK6.2 billion.

Despite numerous calls for transparency, Chakwera has failed to provide a comprehensive account of how these funds were utilized.

This lack of accountability raises serious doubts regarding the government’s commitment to combating the pandemic and leaves the public skeptical about further funding initiatives.

Allegations of Nepotism

President Chakwera’s administration has faced severe criticism for its alleged practice of nepotism.

The appointment of close relatives and associates to key government positions has fueled public discontent.

Chakwera owes it to the people to explain why such blatant favoritism exists within his administration and how this aligns with his promises of meritocracy and fair governance.

The Bridgin Foundation and Butchery Fertilizer Gate

A cloud of suspicion hovers over President Chakwera’s involvement in the Brigin Foundation and Butchery Fertilizer Gate scandal.

The public deserves to know the truth behind these allegations and whether they indicate unethical practices within the government.

Chakwera must address these concerns adequately to restore faith in his leadership and ensure justice is served.

Martha Chizuma’s Arrest

The arrest of Malawi’s Anti-Corruption Bureau Director, Martha Chizuma, raises serious questions about Chakwera’s commitment to fighting corruption.

President Chakwera must clarify the circumstances surrounding Chizuma’s arrest to dispel concerns of political interference and protect the integrity of the nation’s anti-corruption efforts.

Disparity in the Investigation of Sattar Gate

The public has observed a stark contrast in the treatment of Vice President Saulos Chilima and other government officials involved in the Sattar Gate scandal.

Chakwera needs to explain why Chilima appears to be the sole target of investigation while others implicated in the scandal seem to escape scrutiny.

This selective approach undermines the trust in the impartiality of the justice system and demands proper justification.

Failure of the AIP and Rising Hunger

Malawi’s citizens are suffering due to widespread hunger exacerbated by the failure of the Affordable Inputs Program (AIP).

President Chakwera must account for this failure and outline concrete steps his administration will take to tackle the issue.

Failure to address this crisis could result in further deterioration of the nation’s social fabric.

Refusal to Resign after Three Controversial Years

Despite facing numerous controversies and failing to deliver on key promises during his first three years in office, President Chakwera has remained reluctant to step down.

The public deserves an explanation for his decision to continue leading the country after what some perceive as a messy and underwhelming tenure.

Ramifications of Kwacha Devaluation

The Chakwera government’s decision to devalue the Kwacha has had devastating effects on the economy, leading to increased prices and a decline in living standards for many Malawians.

President Chakwera must clarify the intended benefits of this devaluation and present a comprehensive plan to mitigate its adverse impact on the population.

Misuse of Forex for Unnecessary Trips

Photos circulating of President Chakwera on lavish trips have raised concerns about the misuse of foreign exchange reserves.

The public expects an explanation regarding the purpose, funding, and sustainability of these trips, as well as clarification on why ordinary citizens should bear the burden of unnecessary expenditure.

The Mystery behind Misplaced Funds and the Stolen Maize

Malawians demand answers regarding the whereabouts of funds that seemingly vanish into thin air and the theft of 14 trucks loaded with maize.

President Chakwera must address these alarming incidents and assure the nation that those responsible will be held accountable.

Manifesto Fulfillment

The public eagerly awaits an evaluation of President Chakwera’s manifesto promises, with the expectation that he will address the extent to which his administration has fulfilled its commitments.

Transparency regarding manifesto implementation will serve as a critical benchmark against which Chakwera’s leadership can be judged.


As President Lazarus Chakwera embarks on his re-election campaign, the issues highlighted above serve as critical points for him toI address.

From the missing Covid funds to allegations of nepotism and corruption, the electorate seeks clarity and accountability.

Only by providing satisfactory explanations and taking swift action to rectify the controversies can Chakwera hope to regain the trust and support of the Malawian people.


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