Aspiring woman MP promises change in Lilongwe Chiwamba constituency

By Vincent Gunde

Aspiring Member of Parliament(MP) for Lilongwe Chiwamba Constituency Maureen Issa, has promised to change the constituency in terms of development projects once voted into the National Assembly in the 2025 elections.

Issa, once contested for the same position in May, 2019 elections lost to a man on the claims that she did not have enough handouts to entice the electorate vote for her and as a result, the constituents settled for a man.

Maureen Issa

Now,she says she has gathered courage to contest again claiming that people of the area are regretting to have voted for a no development conscious person who has done nothing to the constituency only enriching himself at the expense of the poor.

The woman aspirant says it is sad that the constituency has registered no meaningful development ever since the dawn of multiparty politics in Malawi in 1994 under men as its Members of Parliament (MPs) encouraging people in the constituency to try her for a change.

She observes that in constituencies where women are MPs development projects are the older of the day claiming that women are corrupt free as compared to men and as a result, constituents build confidence in women as good leaders as compared to men.

Issa says women have a motherly heart and that they initiate development projects in the interest of all as compared to men who mostly look at their pockets for the shares that could have gone a long way towards alleviating the sufferings of their constituents.

“Once elected, I will lead by example so that at the end of the term of office, the constituents must judge me and they will not regret to have wasted their votes voting for a woman as their Member of Parliament,” says Issa.

She says Lilongwe Chiwamba Constituency is near Lilongwe City saying it is heartbreaking to see that schools and bridges are in dilapidated state making one wonder as if government through Parliament does not allocate money for projects in the constituency through Constituency Development Fund (CDF) and District Development Fund (DDF).

Maureen Issa is a true daughter of the constituency, born at Kapulula Village, Group Village headman Sanjiwa near Nsambo Trading Centre in the area of Traditional Authority Chimutu, Lilongwe district.

She claims that all the male parliamentarians who have ruled the constituency did not have the welfare of the people at heart, zero servant leadership only looking at the development of their pockets while the area and its citizens benefited nothing.


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