PAC impressed with President Chakwera leadership on fiscal policy

By Linda Kwanjana

On 28 November, 2023, Public Affairs Committee (PAC) met Malawi Leader President Dr Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera at Kamuzu Palace.

PAC does have periodic meetings with the Malawi leader to reflect with him on topical issues touching on leadership and governance.

During the meeting , PAC hailed Chakwera for not protecting anyone from facing the long arm of the Law.

Thawale (who is Thawale? He is missing in the 1st paragraph) added that he has let them go people who were very close to him saying that was commendable.

“Your Excellency’s administration started well by not protecting anybody from arrests in the high offices. This was commendable.” He said.

On state economy, Dr Thawale commended Malawi President decision to devalue the Malawi currency saying that was commendable move as well.

“Many economic commentators have made observations on the current economic situation.

Your Excellency, this remains an elephant in the room in Malawi. We will not go round and round but make observations on the

recent devaluation of 44%. Let us be clear at the outset that PAC is not against any devaluation.

Previous governments in Malawi have devalued the Malawi Kwacha. So for us we do not condemn devaluation as such.

We are aware that the popular view is that by devaluing Malawi’s currency, this country makes its money cheaper and boosts exports, rendering them more competitive in the global market,” he said.

Thawale said the devaluation will make
foreign products become more expensive and this will lower the demand for imports.

“As such, Your Excellency, Governments use devaluation to combat a trade imbalance and have exports exceed imports.

We congratulate Your Excellency for making such a bold decision following negotiations with International Monetary Fund (IMF),” he said.

PAC also commended the president Chakwera for the hard decision he has been making for the good of Malawians.

“In either case we do not have doubt that you mean well and would like to see this country move forward,” he said.

PAC also hailed the president for the road infrastructure development projects currently taking place in the country.

“We have seen road infrastructure being constructed – demonstrating your commitment to the completion of the unfinished roads.
Your political posture and eloquence qualify you for leadership in the highest office. Your level of tolerance is magnificent
since you took office, ” he said.


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