Muvi wa Chilungamo says Government owes Malawian explanations

By Vincent Gunde

Pioneer of Muvi wa Chilungamo Mindset Change Project who is also a Revolutionary, Bantu Saunders Jumah, says Government owes Malawian explanations advising it not to rash at arresting people fabricating lies against it.

Jumah said Malawi is failing to do better in the future because it is failing to correct what went wrong in the past claiming that MCP is following the same path of the DPP where lies are the order of the day.
He said if government wants to test the people’s truth, it must come to the open to respond to some critical issues that have rocked the country saying this will stop people from fabricating lies against it.

Bakili Muluzi TV-being hunted for fabricating lies against government……

Speaking through his face book page widely followed by millions of people across the African continent, Jumah has called on Minister of Information Moses Kunkuyu to clarify on the mist surrounding the nation such as K3O billion went to a butchery company, killers of Coca-cola Beverage Company Allan Witika must be arrested and prosecuted and the presence of Rwandan soldiers in Malawi soils.

Jumah said MCP has committed several atrocities burning the citizens hearts and what is worrisome is that taxpayer’s money has been used for funding useless things not for the benefit of the country and citizens but self-enrichment.
He has warned government to bless itself for more fabricated lies against it because it has chosen to remain quiet besides the citizens living in pain and suffering with many questions than answers making the country to be clouded by fabricated lies.

The Mindset Change Pioneer has called upon government that if it does not want fabrication of lies, it should make follow-ups to the fabricated lies and come back to the citizens on whether those lies are true or not claiming that this can put fabricated lies to come to a stop.
“Government must come clean to clear out social media lies, Malawians will be clean too not to fabricate lies against it,” said Jumah.

He has demanded elections to be held on 21st May, 2024 in line with the country’s constitution that elections be held every after 5 years with a warning that if this fails, as from May, 2024 there should be no government, all those in positions must step down for an Interim government to take over the country to prepare for the 2025 elections.
Jumah has appealed to all Malawians regardless of their political parties not to keep quiet but to stand up in defence of their constitution observing that the country is in a constitutional crisis, Malawi needs a constitutional order.

He called upon the Malawi Parliament, religious bodies and Civil Society Organizations (CSO) to debate the country’s constitutional crisis observing with a grave concern that constitutional judges came just to destroy the system that was bad

The Mindset Change Pioneer said court judges errored by introducing 50 plus one majority win instead of First Past the Post (FPTP) system of electing leaders claiming that the court made a decision which could have been made in Parliament.


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