Chakwera commends outstanding local enterprises

By Linda Kwanjana

In a country where a majority sit in the stand as spectators and pounces on an opportunity to blame those who dare to make a difference, it is only befitting to recognise the local enterprises who are doing well in their space.

This is why President Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera has commended different enterprising business people who gathered at Kamuzu Palace on Friday for Zikomo Award for their contributions to the country.

Speaking at the event, President Chakwera said it was encouraging to see that there are industrious people in Malawi who have chosen to be part of the solution to various problems that the country is facing.

The Malawi leader said he was pleased to note that behind the mushrooming enterprises that were being celebrated at the Zikomo Award are men and women who are genuinely driven by the desire to fix the country.

Said President Chakwera: “Social enterprises are driven by people who genuinely wants Malawi’s problems to be fixed for everyone, so they just get up off their feets everyday and work with others to provide solutions.”

The Zikomo Awards recognise distinguished Malawian Entrepreneurs for their oustanding services to the country.


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