Man takes own life over a love message in wife’s phone

By Chisomo Phiri

A 38-year-old man, Komani Zimba from Chaphonya Village in Embangweni, Mzimba has hanged himself under a goal post after finding a love message in his wife’s phone from another man.

It is alleged that on June 27, 2023 Komani Zimba, left his home for business as a motorcycle operator and returned home around 19:00 hours.

Whilst checking his wife’s phone, he found a love message from another man, a thing which did not please him.

After a heated argument, he severely beat his wife and kids up before they fled elsewhere.

He further demolished his brick fence before villagers tied him up with a rope but was later released after calming down and he went to rest in his house.

Sadly, Zimba was discovered hanging from a goal post at the football pitch close to his house by a passer-by in the morning of June 28, 2023 around 04:00 AM.

The matter was reported at Embangweni Police unit.

Police together with medical personnel from Embangweni mission hospital visited the scene.

The post-mortem results indicated that death was due to suffocation and no foul play was suspected.


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