Malawi Immigration runs out of passport books again

By David Mpinganjira

The circus that is Malawi immigration continues its show. 3 weeks after announcing that it is to receive 240, 000 new books , the department has run out of books again and people can’t get their passports renewed or even apply for new passports affecting so many people who are failing to travel to and from the country.

Our investigators have established that only 5000 passport books were delivered 3 weeks and not the number that was made known to the public.

One may wonder and ask, why this disaster? Well , it all started when Tonse Alliance got in power and Thabo Chakaka Nyirenda, the attorney general decided to cancel the contract of supply of passport that the government had with Techno Brain . The biggest mistake the government has made is failure to quickly find a supplier

Limbikani James, one of the people waiting for his passport to be renewed told this publication that he submitted his application in December.’ I have been waiting since December, few copies came in but it appears only those who are connected or had to pay alot of money had their passports printed”

During the time when Thabo Chakaka Nyirenda was cancelling the contract, Techno Brain warned that if the government was not careful the country would run out of passports.

So far the government insists that Techno Brain still has an obligation to supply copies of passports to honour part of their contract.


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