President Chakwera beamons disruption of public services

By Staff Reporter

Malawi President Dr Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera has beamoned disruption of service delivery happening as the result of Tropical Cyclone Freddy.

In his operation Tigwirane Manja Campaign address on Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) Radio 1, Chakwera described these disruptions to public service delivery as an additional form of suffering that the affected areas are going through.

He said one of the effects of Cyclone Freddy is the disruption it has caused to public service delivery across the Southern Region.

Said Chakwera: “Wherever the cyclone has destroyed homes and forced those who have been displaced to take shelter in primary schools, the delivery of education to children has been disrupted.

“Wherever the cyclone has damaged power lines and power stations, the delivery of electricity to people’s homes and industries has been disrupted.

“Wherever the cyclone has damaged underground pipes and wells, the delivery of water has been disrupted. Wherever the cyclone has damaged roads and rendered the areas they serve unreachable, the people in those areas have been cut off from the delivery of commodities to their markets, the delivery of medicines to their hospitals, and the delivery of fuel to their filling
stations, which have all been disrupted.”

President Chakwera has since commended engineers that all damaged transmission lines have now been restored, while the work of restoring distribution lines is being pursued through the mobilization of the 15 billion Kwacha needed for the necessary materials.

He said in the case of roads, the number of roads that were damaged by the Cyclone
and rendered impassable was 44, but thanks to the tireless effort of logistics teams, some of those roads are now temporarily passable to allow supplies to reach the people who need them.

“As we do this work of restoring service delivery, which in itself is an enormous task, I am grateful to those of you who have not stopped sending in supplies for the relief of the people affected,” he said.


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