President Chakwera discusses affordable internet connectivity in Malawi

By Staff Reporter

Knowing it well that affordable and quality internet connectivity is the backborn of the Malawi economy, Malawi President Dr Lazarus Chakwera while attending the Doha Conference in Qatar dedicated part of his time to negotiate with Mr Lacina Kone, Smart Africa Initiative Director General.

The discussion bordered on how his company can help Malawi attain reliable and affordable internet connectivity.

President Chakwera and Lacina Kone

The discussion centred around Malawi’s opportunities and potential in leveraging Information and Communications Technology in achieving economic and digital equality.

Writing on his official Facebook page, Chakwera said: “I have reminded Mr Kone of the need to expedite the expected deliverables from the SMART Africa Manifesto to improve connectivity among Malawians in view of low internet penetration at 19 percent, low broadband coverage of 35 percent and exorbitant data costs. Our clear dream to turn into a digital economy will take partnerships that support both our country’s digital infrastructure and technical know-how. I have, therefore, asked Smart Africa Initiative to utilize our partnership and play a role in Malawi’s attainment of Sustainable Development Goals.”


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