Malawi’s first Lady Monica Chakwera emphasizes the importance of education among women

By Staff Reporter

The Malawi First Lady, Madame Monica Chakwera has emphasized the significance of education as a means to attain economic freedom for women.

The country’s First Lady was making the remarks on Thursday during the Pan African Learning and Growth Network (PALGNET) Women in Management and Leadership 8th Annual Conference at Nkopola in Mangochi.

In her remarks, Madame Chakwera expressed her delight upon discovering that the conference would be addressing the topic of African women leaders who possess the appropriate mindset, attitudes, skills, and actions necessary to drive change.

Citing the current global market, the First Lady urged female leaders to adopt an inclusive leadership style and foster a connection culture, in order to meet the demand for skill-based workforce planning, rather than solely focusing on qualifications and job titles in the global marketplace.

She however, stressed that despite progress, women leaders are still facing challenges in effectively influencing decision-making and strategically communicating at the international level, which can hinder their advancement in climbing the corporate ladder.

PALGNET was established to offer pragmatic tailor-made training interventions, learning and growth resources and consulting services to new destinations.

Its mission is to develop extraordinary people, world-class leaders, teams, businesses and organizations by assisting them to achieve their highest priorities across all sectors and levels.


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