Of hypocrisy, Envy and Propaganda

By Halmiton Chiyembekeza

In the Diary of Anne Frank, it is written paper is more patient than a man. I have finally failed to cope. With an earth’s interior dismay I put this sad ink on this sad paper sadly.

Why is President Chakwera being attacked?
Why is Vice President Chilima being attacked?
Why is Honourable Mtambo being attacked?
Can’t you see that while economies of largest countries crumble, yet Malawi still stands?
Could Chakwera, Chilima, and Mtambo’s only crime be that they have come during covid and Ukrainian war?
Attacks! Attacks! Attacks! Relentless Attacks! In his finest play of Macbeth, William Shakespeare wrote: An odd number has mystical power.

It is a million times madness to be attacking a fellow young patriot who fought lungs out, sacrificed his lucrative package at the most prominent Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation and joined his fellow penury-stricken trampled-upon countrymen fighting for the eminence of Malawi, politically and democratically.

Is it not true that Malawians flocked to the streets out of their love for the country? Should we suggest, we were demonstrating against the Democratic Progressive Party-led government to crown Mtambo as a minister? Did Timothy Mtambo appoint Timothy Mtambo (himself) cabinet minister? Even if I were to allow just an ounce of nonsense of Mtambo being “rewarded ministerial post” to sink in me, does Mtambo NOT have adequate or even more than required varsity papers, field experience, skills, capabilities and passion to serve in the capacity as cabinet Minister, especially by comparing with those past and present? Lecture me now, please. Time is flying.

Let us be clear please, Honourable Mtambo led the demonstrations when he was not a cabinet minister. Though not part of the 9 Alliance original members, he too devised a water-sulphuric acid political campaign towards the Fresh Presidential Elections for a better change. I only remember that it was the constitutional court that vindicated the elections results. It was not Timothy Mtambo. How come, we now label such a Homeric figure an opportunist? It could be philosophical if he had enjoyed with a particular government, left out and championed the demonstrations.
When we fail to find money for our girlfriends’ smartphone data, we always say, Mtambo Mtambo Mtambo betrayed us? Is this logic?

Another point, worthy-noting is that anti DPP demonstrations were not started by Timothy Mtambo. Undule Mwakasungula, Billy Mayaya and other prolific civil society leaders had already conducted national wide protests before the young hero invaded the stage with his electromagnetic style of managing demonstrations that chemically bonded the hearts of all noble Malawians during that historical struggle.

Ouch! I see, Malawians will label Mtambo as a good man only if he goes back to the streets today and demonstrate against his own government in which he is cabinet minister. Fellow Malawians, let us not behave as if we are all a weed smoking society. There is a vast civil space. There are activists there. Have we tried and proven them failures so that now we demand Mtambo back to the street?

But in this sequential attacks, the most disheartening illusion is that, these attackers are abusing the greatest assert of Malawi’s dreams for an enviable socio-economic glory, videlicet, the youth. For couple of times, the tri-coloured nation has struggled with a multiplicity of youth empowerment and political inclusion interventions. My fellow young Malawians of good will, let us please punch a very robust NO collectively on all ill-minded and voracious canopy politicians who are splashing us with developmentally suicidal internet bundles just to defame, impersonate, despise and scorn well-matured, principled and disciplined young politicians of Mtambo calibre. Let us love and defend fellow true and patriotic young brothers and daughters when they top the societal hierarchy. Social media is for only civilised, futuristic and reasonable young people. Only fools and zombies will use the internet technology to kill the future of Malawi by insulting politicians. Resist political condomisation. It won’t drive us anywhere. Don’t force me to starting putting out your names in the public domain. I am tired of it now. I can not be used as a political condom. Why do you come to entice me to be attacking innocent politicians like Timothy Mtambo himself just for your selfish political gain? It’s quite sad to see that instead of the youth celebrating when a fellow gets opportunity to serve in higher offices, we are the first to castigate them and wish them evil. Why do youths allow to be used by evil minded politicians just like they would with a used condoms?

There are four categories of ill-minded Malawians who are financing all plans of their good satan to torment, downcast and tear Mtambo apart.

To begin with, the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP). This party hates Mtambo much. The former ruling party’s grand mistake is that , they think, it is Mtambo who removed them from power. Members in the party who used to enjoy poor Malawians’ tax corruptly. To them, Mtambo threw some sand in DPP’s rice at a corruption party.

The second group is United Transformation Movement (UTM) that initially masqueradeef as preachers of unity for Malawi’s but continues to selfishly front a single individual marred in the Sattar corruption scandal at the expense of innocent Malawians. This grouping negatively esteems Mtambo as a thorn in the flesh of their political future. His unshaken loyalty to President Chakwera and the entire Malawi Congress Party irritates the them much. This is pathological hatred. The fact is, since witnessing his involvement in the Karonga Central constituency election that witnessed Honourable Mwaulanda hammering Honourable Mwenifumbo, the blood between them and Mtambo fails to be red again.

The last but one group is, some unpatriotic members within the Malawi Congress Party, particularly the recycled and prostitutes-like politicians from the north. They see the iron man Mtambo as a threat to their interests in topflight positions. It is true Mtambo has irresistible genius but politics of giantism and finishing each other is useless and primitive.

Lastly, the civil society: Most of the leaders who led demonstrations prior to Mtambo’s habour an incurable all-time jealous. “Why has Mtambo risen exponentially to become a cabinet minister, yet he found us in the civil society and left us there?” The pain is very painful indeed. How they wished President Chakwera had appointed them or someone else they didn’t know or wish he had died in the struggle! That’s how green their hearts are with envy!

History once taught me that one of the reasons for the 1915 Chilembwe Uprising was the forced involvement of Africans in the 1914-1918 First World War. John Nkolongo Chilembwe was not happy with the trend. My message as a concerned young Malawian to those trying to use me is: Avoid your stupid game plans. If you continue, I will reveal you, name by name.

I have just come to my senses that Malawians, no matter how hard you fight, will only recognise you as important when you are gone. If Mtambo died during the struggle, believe me, he would have already been accoladed ‘hero’.

The more we pray for Mtambo’s fall and demise the more we insult Mtambo, the more we physically attack Mtambo, the more the Almighty Father exalts him. Have you seen Mtambo fighting back? Ask the mighty DPP if Mtambo fights back when their boys attack him on social media.

In Malawi lies are the truth. Patience is a king. Let us be patient. Let us not comment on material we do not digest. Incompetency of other government officials should not be attributed to appointment of Honourable Minister Mtambo. Nsanje ayi. The other people’s failures should not reflect Mtambo as a failure. Government is the most difficult business in the world. Mudzaziona!


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